Smoke House Saloon


In my early years in the North Ga. Mountains lots an lots of memorable events happened that I have never forgotten. This is one.
In the summer time each year I usually spent a couple of weeks at the small farm of my grandfather and grandmother in Banks county Georgia.
A little local friend that I played with David Adamson and I would think up things to just have fun with. This scene is a normal thing we would dream up. The story is that one particular time after watching an old time western on TV or having seen recently at a local movie theatre. We decided to re-enact the film in my grandfathers ” Smoke House ” next to his old farm. Lots of old westerns had lots of scenes taking place in the town Saloon. We thought we would decorate old glass bottles with Whiskey or Liquor labels that we cut from old magazines. Bottles were from my grandmothers collection of ” WATKINS ( home ) PRODUCTS “. ( WATKINS CO. sold all types of spices, flavoring and other things } Bottle resembled Whiskey bottles very much. So , they were perfect and looked great. Bottles were filled with tea, etc . We were always afraid my grand dad ( a southern Baptist preacher ) would catch us even thinking about hanging out in a saloon. But as we played he never noticed. THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT MEMORIES FROM MY CHILDHOOD !

Oil on Linen 16″ x 18″.
Photograph varies from the actual painting.

Photography by Kim Reed

All Day Singing & Dinner on the Grounds

” All Day Singing & Dinner On The Grounds ”

There was a time long , long time ago when the local churches would have a complete day with their congregation. This painting called ” All Day Singing & Dinner On The Grounds ” is depicted in a small north Ga. Rural area called Pea Ridge. Once a year a big day came around again. This takes place at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church . An all day affair with lots of singing and eating. It was a very pleasing sort of day. I recall hearing such classic songs as AMAZING GRACE, ROCK OF AGES, OLD RUGGED CROSS , I’LL FLY AWAY and many more . Long gone in most rural areas of our country. Some things seemed better back then.

( Please note, color, definition, etc. varies from actual painting )

Original Oil on linen
20″ x 15 ”
Photography by Kim Reed


Once again, it is a great privilege and honor to do another book cover for author Joe Cobb Crawford . The book is not on the market at this time. Release date will be announced later and also the title . All the happening in the book take place in and around Copperhill , TN. The attached photo of the cover is a scene from a story called “SQUEEGIE “. Great story on this young man and several of the other “towns people ” that are shown. I remember as a child of our family traveling to Copperhill to see the adjoing area where all the Copper mines were located. It was a sight to see ! Most of the land was really in bad shape. Smoke stacks everywhere and also gas fumes and smoke. Still after that , I did enjoy the trips.

Oil on linen
Photography by Kim Reed

My Favorite Comic Strips


This recent painting is my second collage painting. My first was called ” My Heroes ” . It was completed in 2003. This painting is called ” MY FAVORITE COMIC STRIPS “. My growing up years were very good for a little fellow from the North Ga. Mountains. Every day I would spend time catching up on all of the comic characters from the local paper. Sunday’s edition was the best because it was IN COLOR. My wish in those days was to be a comic strip artist. But of course that never happened.

Painting photo varies in color, definition, etc. compared to original painting.

Oil on linen
Photography by Kim Reed

Gone Fishing


If you were lucky enough to have grown up in my area of the North Ga. Mountains in the 1950’s you might probably experienced a scene like this. Your grandpa and you ” Gone Fishing “.

Oil on canvas board. 8” x 10 “.

This photo will vary in definition , color, etc. from actual painting.
Photography by Ken Woodall

Me, Old Dude, and Brother Farris

” Me, Old Dude, and Brother Farris ”

A scene from my very early childhood. Me, and old Dude ( our family horse ) and my oldest brother Farris out on a merry ride around the country side and having a simple good time. This is one of my earliest memories and a favorite.

Oil on canvas board 8″ x 10″

Photography by Ken Woodall ( amateur photographer )

Soap Boxing Boy & Girl


My imagination tells me these 2 are dreaming of taking this prize soapbox car to Akron , Ohio in the summer to the “ALL AMERICAN SOAP BOX DERBY “. Big thrill for a couple of little North Ga. mountain kids ! By the way, the All American Soap Box Derby started in 1934 and is still running today !

Amateur photography by Ken Woodall
Painting varies some from the photo shown. Color, detail ,etc.

oil on canvas

Mail Boxes, Etc.

” Mail Boxes , Etc. ”

As a young teenager, I was always looking for a way to come up with a few extra bucks to make ends meet. One of my earliest little business’ that I tried was ” painting mail boxes ” . I had noticed that all over the area where I lived that most of the mail boxes were in terrible condition. Some were almost falling over, holes in the box, dirty, rusty and more. So I took out on the road to see what happened. Business was pretty good from the start. After buying some stencil letters from Sears Roebuck, paint and brushes I painted lots that summer. I certainly made the area somewhat better looking too.

oil on linen
Photography by Kim Reed

Photo varies somewhat from the actual painting.

My Annual Christmas Card 2018

With my annual Christmas card painting , I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas with many more to come. Featured in the painting are my two grandchildren Anna Page , Drew and of course college sports neatest and best mascot BUZZ. This will be my 19th painting done for my grandchildren. And by the way Merry Christmas from Ga. Tech where they attend school !!!!!!!


Danger (Don’t Try This at Home)

Another painting of a time in my growing up years. At our country store in the north Ga mountains the family kids all worked at sometime around the store. The boys in our family were assigned washing cars, doing lube jobs, changing oil, installing mufflers, etc. During my time while changing oil our old Hydraulic vehicle rack had one of its ” spells ” . Periodicaly it would just drop a few inches. But, on this occassion it dropped about a foot ( and me under it ) . Scary ! This was the final touch and I complained again to my daddy. I knew not to tell him that I was not getting under that thing until it was repaired but I did ! I do not recall if it was repaired or we quit using it. Never the less, it was a scary time.

Oil on linen
Photography by Kim Reed

Photo varies some what from the actual painting. Color, definition , etc.

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