That Old Violin


Recently I came across an old Johnny Paycheck country song. All during the song I visioned something in my mind and here it is ” THAT OLD VIOLIN “. Good, Good song ! I enjoyed doing the painting !

Size 8″ x 10” oil on linen

The photo of the painting varies from actual color , definition.

New Art on Display

Ken Woodall Art is very pleased and honored to now having a piece of my art work on display at Piedmont College’s “MASON -SCHARFENSTEIN MUSEUM OF ART. The museum is located in Demorest, Ga. Feel free to stop by and take a look. The museum building is one of the towns oldest buildings. Several years ago it was remodeled inside and out. Great show piece for the community ! And lots of great art on display. You will be pleased .

The Mysterious Couple

There was mystery galore in the small town of Cornelia, Ga. In the 1950’s.
a happening almost every day in the center of town at the Southern Railroad tracks.
A nice couple , Mr. and Mrs. Dennis. Each day they would leave their home in Mt. Airy , and
travel to downtown Cornelia, back their old faded red 1940 Ford sedan into their regular parking spot. They would be there almost all day. Late in the day around 4 pm and 4 30 pm , they would load up and head for home. It was all to be done again the next day.
Not much was know about the couple. About all I have learned is that Mr. Dennis was retired from the
railroad. Lots of locals believed they were working for the railroad company and their job was to witness any accidents or such, that might happen at the railroad crossing. Mrs. Dennis usually spent the day in their car crocheting doilies. Mr. Dennis always went to the local drug store and bought a cigar each day.
Their routine did not vary much from day to day. I cannot recall how long they did this task, but it
was for several years. The memory of this has lingered on in my mind for all these years. If you happened to have some info about them , please feel free to share. I also have taken the privilege to depict a few of the local folks of our town Chief of Police ( Bill England ), town lawyer ( Col R.C. Scott), our most celebrated citizen ( baseball’s TY COBB ), Curtis Stowe and his son Bobby. Much thanks to Jack Broome and Bobby Stowe for sharing some of their info with me.

Color , definition, etc. will vary from this photo and the actual painting.

Oil on Linen
22″ x 15″


Annual Christmas Card 2019

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with my annual painting for my grandchildren. This is my 19th Christmas card for them. Seems like just a few days ago was their first days a Ga. Tech. My grandaughter Anna Paige is entering her last semester in her Junior year. My grandson Drew is finishing his last semester of his senior year !

March of Dimes Blues


Once upon a time a little grammar school boy was told by his school teacher that all the children in the class would be given a “March of Dimes ” drive card. The card had slits that a dime would fit into. The March of Dimes was a well to do and respected charity ( a drive to destroy or banish Polio from existence ) So, the youngster was told that if you brought the card back to school with all the slots full of dimes that they would be honored on the bulletin board . This young man took his card and carried it to the family country store where he worked with the family quiet often. After asking several customers if thy would like to donate to the ” MARCH OF DIMES ” , the reply was always ” No “. He got more disgusted each time he asked. He wanted to be honored so much, he decided to take a few dimes from the check out desk drawer and fill his card. Knowing he might be doing something a little out of line, he then carried it to school. Never knowing he would be in trouble , it finally came when a relative visited the classroom and saw his card and told his mother and father . He does not remember what punishment he received. His thoughts were ” He did it for a good cause “.

Oil on linen
12″ x 15 ” Actual painting will vary from this photo. Painting definition, color, etc.
Photo by Kim Reed

Tim Loves Tink

( the legend lives on )

Over the years I have done a couple of paintings of a very unique small town ( Cornelia, Ga. ) that has a railroad underpass. Many years ago a couple in love decided to show their love for each other by painting their names on the famous RR underpass.
Now when they repaint the underpass the lettering has to be repainted . That has been done many times over the years. No one seems to know who the couple were. All known is ” TIM LOVES TINK “. MAYBE ONE DAY WE WILL KNOW. The view of the underpass shows the south side looking north.

oil on linen
Please note clarity, definition , color , etc. will vary from actual painting.

Photography by Kim Reed

Love Thy Neighbor

An oil on linen by KEN WOODALL ART

A mother and daughter on an afternoon ride thru the
country in their new 1952 Pontiac automobile ( I hope they didn’t buy the car from our family freind who owned the local Pontiac Dealership in our little town ) . Little
did they realize the trouble they would encounter that
day. When the disaster happened they had no idea of
what they were going to do, and all of a sudden they
spied an old mountain shack house. This would be
their only hope. In their minds they wondered would
this elderly couple come to their rescue. I end the story
believing they did !

This photo varies some what from the original painting in
color , definition, etc.

Photography by Kim Reed

Country is ………………….

” COUNTRY IS …………………. ”

The great country singer Tom T. Hall released a song in 1974 called “Country Is “. He hit the button with this one. Great message. In this painting I have tried to relay in some sort of way this song. This simple country painting relates to lots of things Tom T. Hall was saying and singing. Nothing simpler than an older man plowing with his mule and dog ! Painting is available for sale. Email me at or use Facebook messenger for price.

Photography by Kim Reed.
Oil on linen 10″ x 8″

Photo varies somewhat from the actual painting. Color, definition, etc.

Help, Uncle Joe, Help


There were quiet a few years difference in the age of my oldest brother and I. Therefore, we never had many personal memories. But one that I remember took place in a small rural area in north Ga. Called Pea Ridge. No paved roads, all were red Ga. Clay. When it rained you could call the roads ” Rut City “. This one particular day my brother Farris and I were out cruising following a huge rain. He always had a habit of driving a little too fast and we wound up in a ditch. No way for us to get back on the road without HELP ! Thanks to my good Uncle Joe Brown Alexander who happened to have a horse we were able to hook up to him and continue our journey. A simple, little happening that I will treasure forever !

Oil on linen
Photo and actual painting will differ in color, definition, etc.

Photography by Kim Reed


” WATERLOO ” Another memory from my childhood. Years ago in the north Ga. mountains my family owned and operated a small country store with groceries , gas, oil ,etc. I have always felt lucky to grow up around our business. Having worked, and played at this location , I got to see and hear lots of happenings that otherwise I would not have had so many memorable times. This painting is a typical scene where one day a beautiful, huge traveling bus pulled up and asked for directions to Cleveland , Ga. As I recall they were looking for a new radio station having a grand opening and that the ” STONEWALL JACKSON BAND ” would be playing. They hung around for a short time and visited with us and some locals. Folks got autographs ,etc. For the time , this was ” a really big show “. By the way, one of Stonewall Jackson ‘s biggest hits was ” WATERLOO “.

Photo varies from the actual painting ( definition, color , etc.)

Photography by Kim Reed .

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