Goatman at Sundown

After being in the “painting business ” since 1994, one of my favorite subjects is the renown GA GOATMAN Ches McCartney from Jeffersonville, Ga. A very unique, unique gentleman that traveled up and down the eastern seaboard back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. He , his wife, and son would gather up about 15 or so goats , hitch them to a homemade wooden wagon and begin there journey north. The goatman was a self proclaimed preacher and shared it on his trip. Traffic would back up for hours as he blocked traffic . His career ended in the 60’s ( I think ) with the advent of the interstate highways. This particular painting is a typical scene with he and his family would stop anywhere they wished and camp for the night. Lots of people were usually hanging around to get a see of the travelers. Usually the police were near by to keep order. I was told that locals would bring his family food and drink. A true piece of Americana. This setting is in the area of Cornelia , Ga. where our family lived .

Governor Deal and Ken


This photo of my painting “PA WRIGHT, OLD BLUE and RED” will be displayed at the inaugural “Art of GA” exhibit at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta beginning August 27 thru Jan 25, 2013. I presented the painting to Governor Nathan Deal on August 23, 2012.

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