An early Ken Woodall art painting. Up in the North Ga. mountains there once was a great bluegrass venue. It was called Chicken House Bluegrass. Head quarters for the show was located in Bobby Irvin’s old chicken house. Lots of good going on’s there. Lots of nice folks , great music and free food. I depicted my long time friend Lonnie Wiley as the star attraction for this particular night. I believe the year was around the late 1990’s. Sold painting in NYC at one of my art shows.


During this very bad situation we find ourselves in I thought we might look into , maybe, a lighter side of the problem. Everyone has their idea of what we should do ! But a few days ago , I had an entirely different approach. Most of my life I have been told that “bee ” stings can help folks with rheumatoid arthritis. Simple cure maybe , hope so. Back along time ago Hippocrates ( 460-377 BC ) wrote about bee stings helping or curing Rheumatoid Arthritis and still believed today. Soooo, I have called in one of the nations most celebrated and known physicians ” DR. BUZZ “. Dr. Buzz is now experimenting on his cure for the VIRUS. He comes with an arsonal of valuable weapons. Microscope , Fire Crackers, TNT and his own self contained fluid fighter ” Yellow Jacket ” venom “. I am giving odds that Dr. Buzz will come up with a earth shaking cure. ( God Bless us All ) & (hope this painting at least made you smile )


Many years ago when I was in the drive in theatre business I had a great memory that I really cherish. The time was when I heard one of Rock and Roll -Country Singers was performing at the Ga. State Fair in Hiawassee, Ga. The time was in the late 1970’s. I was always open for anything that I could do to help business for my theatre. I decided to travel up to the fair and see if I could meet with Conway and get him to record a few audio promotions to help welcome all of my customers to the theatre. Well , I went not knowing if he would oblige me or not. After his afternoon show the crowd had broken up and Conway was just sorta hanging out , so I approached him and discussed what I was wanting to do and hoped he would be ok with it. Well, he was, sorta acted like he was pleased. He asked me if I had a tape recorder and my answer was yes ! The recordings sounded great. He did one welcoming the night customers, another was for the ending of the movie where he thanked everyone for coming to the drive in and be sure to replace the speaker back on the post before leaving. Then he would say- ” here is my latest record “. I would dub his latest record on the tape. I used his recording for many, many years. And by the way I still have a copy of the tape. THANKS CONWAY TWITTY ( nice man }.

Oil on linen size 16″ x 25 ” Actual painting color , definition , etc. will vary some from this photo

Photography by Kim Reed

My Favorite Comic Strips


This recent painting is my second collage painting. My first was called ” My Heroes ” . It was completed in 2003. This painting is called ” MY FAVORITE COMIC STRIPS “. My growing up years were very good for a little fellow from the North Ga. Mountains. Every day I would spend time catching up on all of the comic characters from the local paper. Sunday’s edition was the best because it was IN COLOR. My wish in those days was to be a comic strip artist. But of course that never happened.

Painting photo varies in color, definition, etc. compared to original painting.

Oil on linen
Photography by Kim Reed

Me, Old Dude, and Brother Farris

” Me, Old Dude, and Brother Farris ”

A scene from my very early childhood. Me, and old Dude ( our family horse ) and my oldest brother Farris out on a merry ride around the country side and having a simple good time. This is one of my earliest memories and a favorite.

Oil on canvas board 8″ x 10″

Photography by Ken Woodall ( amateur photographer )

Hominy, Mama, and Me

During my ” growing up years ” in the North Ga. Mountains there were occasions when my mother would take a day or so to make a home made product called Hominy ! Great stuff. It was a big ordeal to do this task. It had to be boiled for a long time with some sort of lye product. It would remove the corn kernel husk. Then you cooked and cooked and cooked. Then when you finished you would pressure can and can and can and can. I was not much help to her but I tried. And by the way it was one of the best tasting foods I have had in my lifetime.
Contact info for Ken Woodall Art neon@windstream or Facebook “messenger “.
( painting and my picture vary in color, definition, etc.
Amateur Photography by Ken Woodall

V Day

Being a ” memory painter “, I must admit at times when something happens in the past it is not always recorded in your mind as a ” good memory ” . It takes time. This painting is an example that when this happened it was not good but very , very bad. Time takes a toll and now it stands out and is now a great memory ! The painting is called “V DAY ” the day that happened a few different times in the lunch room of my grammar school career. Vaccination Day was scary. We were immunized for Diphtheria, chicken pox , etc. I can still smell the odor of rubbing alcohol , the big long shiny needles, band aids, wrapping gauze , etc. It all happened at Cornelia Grammar School in Cornelia, Ga. A small town in the foot hills of the Smoky Mountains. I think the school vaccinations probably stopped somewhere in the late 1950’s. I would be willing to bet lots of you recall this type of event. 

Governor Deal and Ken


This photo of my painting “PA WRIGHT, OLD BLUE and RED” will be displayed at the inaugural “Art of GA” exhibit at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta beginning August 27 thru Jan 25, 2013. I presented the painting to Governor Nathan Deal on August 23, 2012.

My Cowboy Heroes


Growing up in the 1950’s was a great time. One of my favorite memories was going to our local movie palace THE GRAND in Cornelia, Ga. Also, the advent of television added to my remembrances of my favorite Hollywood cowboy stars. ” My Cowboy Heroes ” is a small collection of them. Gary Cooper, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and television’s James Arness.

oil on linen

photography by Kimberly Morris Reed

Actual painting varies some from the photograph . Color, detail, definition .

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