Hominy, Mama, and Me

During my ” growing up years ” in the North Ga. Mountains there were occasions when my mother would take a day or so to make a home made product called Hominy ! Great stuff. It was a big ordeal to do this task. It had to be boiled for a long time with some sort of lye product. It would remove the corn kernel husk. Then you cooked and cooked and cooked. Then when you finished you would pressure can and can and can and can. I was not much help to her but I tried. And by the way it was one of the best tasting foods I have had in my lifetime.
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( painting and my picture vary in color, definition, etc.
Amateur Photography by Ken Woodall

V Day

Being a ” memory painter “, I must admit at times when something happens in the past it is not always recorded in your mind as a ” good memory ” . It takes time. This painting is an example that when this happened it was not good but very , very bad. Time takes a toll and now it stands out and is now a great memory ! The painting is called “V DAY ” the day that happened a few different times in the lunch room of my grammar school career. Vaccination Day was scary. We were immunized for Diphtheria, chicken pox , etc. I can still smell the odor of rubbing alcohol , the big long shiny needles, band aids, wrapping gauze , etc. It all happened at Cornelia Grammar School in Cornelia, Ga. A small town in the foot hills of the Smoky Mountains. I think the school vaccinations probably stopped somewhere in the late 1950’s. I would be willing to bet lots of you recall this type of event. 

Governor Deal and Ken


This photo of my painting “PA WRIGHT, OLD BLUE and RED” will be displayed at the inaugural “Art of GA” exhibit at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta beginning August 27 thru Jan 25, 2013. I presented the painting to Governor Nathan Deal on August 23, 2012.

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