One of my first big moments in my art career. In 1997 one of my early paintings was selected to be placed in the permanent collection of the famous MORRIS MUSEUM OF ART in Augusta, Ga. It was bought by a super art dealer from New York City. Later she donated it to the Morris Museum. Great memory for me !!!!!!

Around 1990 I started doing little models of buildings such as churches, old stores, theatres, houses, barns, etc. I just called them ” little buildings “. Later on in the ” Art World ” I learned they were called ” 3 Dimensionals “. So from there I started with my painting art career. The first couple of the 3 dimensionals were for my mother. One was her fathers old barn, and the 2nd was our old country store. This picture is of an old Theatre ( The GRAND )in Cornelia, Ga. It looks somewhat like the actual thing, but not exactly. This ones Marquee lights up. Makes you want to go to the movies.

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