One of my first big moments in my art career. In 1997 one of my early paintings was selected to be placed in the permanent collection of the famous MORRIS MUSEUM OF ART in Augusta, Ga. It was bought by a super art dealer from New York City. Later she donated it to the Morris Museum. Great memory for me !!!!!!

Mill Town Baseball Sold


One of my favorite baseball paintings ” MILL TOWN BASEBALL ” now has a new home with two of my favorite people , Dr. David Bray ( my family doctor ) and his wife Patty. It’s a great honor having a piece of my art work in your home. THANKS.

Mill Town Baseball

Mill Town baseball was a familiar activity down south from the early 1900’s and lasted for many years. In my particular area ( North Ga. Mountains ) there was Habersham Cotton Mill that spun cotton into thread. Long gone is the plant now ,but remnants are still alive at this time. Late last fall I was out and about and took sort of a brief ride thru the old mill town. I was on a road that I have never traveled and all of a sudden I spotted a really great, old type baseball field. My thought was that I would do a painting of this field, stands, the players and fans during the mills heyday. After some research I learned several things. When talking to the gentleman who owns
the property he told me that at one time the Mill had a player by the name of Johnny Mize. Apparently , the mill town baseball teams were so competive that the teams would sometimes bring in a good player for their team. He called the player a ” Ringer “. Other mills in the area also had teams . One close by was called the Cornelia Apple Knockers,sponsored by local apple growers. The Habersham Mill team was known at one time by.. BRAVES . Please note that the little boy in the red shirt at the center of the painting holding a baseball is me and that I am standing by hall of famer Johnny Mize.

Thanks to all the people who shared their memories of ” MILL TOWN BASEBALL “.

Photography by Kim Reed

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