My Annual Christmas Card 2018

With my annual Christmas card painting , I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas with many more to come. Featured in the painting are my two grandchildren Anna Page , Drew and of course college sports neatest and best mascot BUZZ. This will be my 19th painting done for my grandchildren. And by the way Merry Christmas from Ga. Tech where they attend school !!!!!!!


Danger (Don’t Try This at Home)

Another painting of a time in my growing up years. At our country store in the north Ga mountains the family kids all worked at sometime around the store. The boys in our family were assigned washing cars, doing lube jobs, changing oil, installing mufflers, etc. During my time while changing oil our old Hydraulic vehicle rack had one of its ” spells ” . Periodicaly it would just drop a few inches. But, on this occassion it dropped about a foot ( and me under it ) . Scary ! This was the final touch and I complained again to my daddy. I knew not to tell him that I was not getting under that thing until it was repaired but I did ! I do not recall if it was repaired or we quit using it. Never the less, it was a scary time.

Oil on linen
Photography by Kim Reed

Photo varies some what from the actual painting. Color, definition , etc.

Hominy, Mama, and Me

During my ” growing up years ” in the North Ga. Mountains there were occasions when my mother would take a day or so to make a home made product called Hominy ! Great stuff. It was a big ordeal to do this task. It had to be boiled for a long time with some sort of lye product. It would remove the corn kernel husk. Then you cooked and cooked and cooked. Then when you finished you would pressure can and can and can and can. I was not much help to her but I tried. And by the way it was one of the best tasting foods I have had in my lifetime.
Contact info for Ken Woodall Art neon@windstream or Facebook “messenger “.
( painting and my picture vary in color, definition, etc.
Amateur Photography by Ken Woodall

One of my first big moments in my art career. In 1997 one of my early paintings was selected to be placed in the permanent collection of the famous MORRIS MUSEUM OF ART in Augusta, Ga. It was bought by a super art dealer from New York City. Later she donated it to the Morris Museum. Great memory for me !!!!!!

Street Preacher

In our little town in the North Ga. mountains back in the 40’s, 50’s , 60’s and still occasionally now an unusual happening occurs . When I saw this on the streets I was always amazed. It was when the “Street Preachers ” did their thing downtown. Usually on Saturdays. They never gathered very many people, but they tried. Sometimes they were the only ones listening to the sermon. We might be surprised of the good they did. This scene is in front of one of our oldest banks. CORNELIA BANK. I have added a couple of particular people who probably witnessed the happening. Banker Cliff Kimsey and Cornelia’s most famous citizen …baseball great TY COBB ! Thanks for the great memory !

Ken Woodall Folk Art
Oil on linen
Photo and painting vary somewhat in color , definition, etc.

Photo by Kim Reed

Dam ‘ Mit

During my art career it fascinates me that I tend to go back to my memories of my grammar school in Cornelia, Ga. Recently I completed a painting called “V Day ” ( painting of vaccinations taking place at school ). While doing it another favorite memory popped up , it was the day part of our class decided to dam up the local creek by our school. The class was warned to stay away from the stream and certainly never alter its flow. Well a group of us kids decided to Dam Up The Creek. We had constructed a pretty good little area of water. Bad news was on the way when our principal caught us in the act. He decided we should all be punished and we probably deserved it. We were told that at recess we were to write a sentence several hundred times ( don’t recall the number, but it was lots ). OUR sentence was ” I WILL NOT DAM UP THE CREEK AGAIN “. I even tried doubling up and use 2 pencils ( that didn’t work ). Thanks for the good life I’ve had, And Thanks For The Memories !!!!!

Actual painting varies somewhat in color , definition, etc.

Oil on linen

Kim Reed photography
Ken Woodall Art

V Day

Being a ” memory painter “, I must admit at times when something happens in the past it is not always recorded in your mind as a ” good memory ” . It takes time. This painting is an example that when this happened it was not good but very , very bad. Time takes a toll and now it stands out and is now a great memory ! The painting is called “V DAY ” the day that happened a few different times in the lunch room of my grammar school career. Vaccination Day was scary. We were immunized for Diphtheria, chicken pox , etc. I can still smell the odor of rubbing alcohol , the big long shiny needles, band aids, wrapping gauze , etc. It all happened at Cornelia Grammar School in Cornelia, Ga. A small town in the foot hills of the Smoky Mountains. I think the school vaccinations probably stopped somewhere in the late 1950’s. I would be willing to bet lots of you recall this type of event. 

Around 1990 I started doing little models of buildings such as churches, old stores, theatres, houses, barns, etc. I just called them ” little buildings “. Later on in the ” Art World ” I learned they were called ” 3 Dimensionals “. So from there I started with my painting art career. The first couple of the 3 dimensionals were for my mother. One was her fathers old barn, and the 2nd was our old country store. This picture is of an old Theatre ( The GRAND )in Cornelia, Ga. It looks somewhat like the actual thing, but not exactly. This ones Marquee lights up. Makes you want to go to the movies.

Boys Will Be Boys

In the early 1950’s , we as little boys did lots of dangerous things. This painting is “one” of them. The story goes that several of us boys were having a great day, when all of a sudden one got up on ourcar gararge and he noticed an old strong looking grape vine hanging on to a big tree near by. Quickly he started swinging off the roof down to the ground. Next another boy ( Ralph Maney } decided to try. Then another, and this left only me on the roof. I was not quiet the dare devil as the others about swinging. They agged me on with ” I double, double dare you ” and more. Finally my mind told me to go ahead and do it. There had been no trouble with the grape vine. Well, upon my first attempt, about half way down ” Crack, Break ” it was all over for me ,except hitting the ground. Finally that happened also. It did not feel good, it really hurt. The landing was so hard, I remembered all kind of stuff popping out my nose. Nothing was broken. Thank Goodness !!!!!!!!!! Don’t think I ever told mama about this !

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