Having been in the “art world ” for appx. 28 years I have completed several paintings concerning ” Moon Shine Whiskey “. This is my latest called ” MOONRUNNERS “. It depicts not the actual making of the famous north Ga. Mountains famous brew, but the transportation side of the business. Whiskey stills were scattered across the north ga. Mountain side with lots of daring drivers. They were known as moonrunners. Hauling the liquid required making, shipping, storing and finally ending up in a home or place of business. My painting shows the dare devil delivering a load to a local farm where it would be distributed up and down the high ways. Trying to deter them all the way were Federal Revenuers, State and local police, and some time folks from the religious groups. But they continued to do their trade and survived ! It had to be an exciting life. And I actually knew quiet a few nice folks in the ” Moon Business ” .

Oil on linen 14″ x 20″
Photography by C. Woodall

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