During this very bad situation we find ourselves in I thought we might look into , maybe, a lighter side of the problem. Everyone has their idea of what we should do ! But a few days ago , I had an entirely different approach. Most of my life I have been told that “bee ” stings can help folks with rheumatoid arthritis. Simple cure maybe , hope so. Back along time ago Hippocrates ( 460-377 BC ) wrote about bee stings helping or curing Rheumatoid Arthritis and still believed today. Soooo, I have called in one of the nations most celebrated and known physicians ” DR. BUZZ “. Dr. Buzz is now experimenting on his cure for the VIRUS. He comes with an arsonal of valuable weapons. Microscope , Fire Crackers, TNT and his own self contained fluid fighter ” Yellow Jacket ” venom “. I am giving odds that Dr. Buzz will come up with a earth shaking cure. ( God Bless us All ) & (hope this painting at least made you smile )

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