Many years ago when I was in the drive in theatre business I had a great memory that I really cherish. The time was when I heard one of Rock and Roll -Country Singers was performing at the Ga. State Fair in Hiawassee, Ga. The time was in the late 1970’s. I was always open for anything that I could do to help business for my theatre. I decided to travel up to the fair and see if I could meet with Conway and get him to record a few audio promotions to help welcome all of my customers to the theatre. Well , I went not knowing if he would oblige me or not. After his afternoon show the crowd had broken up and Conway was just sorta hanging out , so I approached him and discussed what I was wanting to do and hoped he would be ok with it. Well, he was, sorta acted like he was pleased. He asked me if I had a tape recorder and my answer was yes ! The recordings sounded great. He did one welcoming the night customers, another was for the ending of the movie where he thanked everyone for coming to the drive in and be sure to replace the speaker back on the post before leaving. Then he would say- ” here is my latest record “. I would dub his latest record on the tape. I used his recording for many, many years. And by the way I still have a copy of the tape. THANKS CONWAY TWITTY ( nice man }.

Oil on linen size 16″ x 25 ” Actual painting color , definition , etc. will vary some from this photo

Photography by Kim Reed

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