The Mysterious Couple

There was mystery galore in the small town of Cornelia, Ga. In the 1950’s.
a happening almost every day in the center of town at the Southern Railroad tracks.
A nice couple , Mr. and Mrs. Dennis. Each day they would leave their home in Mt. Airy , and
travel to downtown Cornelia, back their old faded red 1940 Ford sedan into their regular parking spot. They would be there almost all day. Late in the day around 4 pm and 4 30 pm , they would load up and head for home. It was all to be done again the next day.
Not much was know about the couple. About all I have learned is that Mr. Dennis was retired from the
railroad. Lots of locals believed they were working for the railroad company and their job was to witness any accidents or such, that might happen at the railroad crossing. Mrs. Dennis usually spent the day in their car crocheting doilies. Mr. Dennis always went to the local drug store and bought a cigar each day.
Their routine did not vary much from day to day. I cannot recall how long they did this task, but it
was for several years. The memory of this has lingered on in my mind for all these years. If you happened to have some info about them , please feel free to share. I also have taken the privilege to depict a few of the local folks of our town Chief of Police ( Bill England ), town lawyer ( Col R.C. Scott), our most celebrated citizen ( baseball’s TY COBB ), Curtis Stowe and his son Bobby. Much thanks to Jack Broome and Bobby Stowe for sharing some of their info with me.

Color , definition, etc. will vary from this photo and the actual painting.

Oil on Linen
22″ x 15″


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