” WATERLOO ” Another memory from my childhood. Years ago in the north Ga. mountains my family owned and operated a small country store with groceries , gas, oil ,etc. I have always felt lucky to grow up around our business. Having worked, and played at this location , I got to see and hear lots of happenings that otherwise I would not have had so many memorable times. This painting is a typical scene where one day a beautiful, huge traveling bus pulled up and asked for directions to Cleveland , Ga. As I recall they were looking for a new radio station having a grand opening and that the ” STONEWALL JACKSON BAND ” would be playing. They hung around for a short time and visited with us and some locals. Folks got autographs ,etc. For the time , this was ” a really big show “. By the way, one of Stonewall Jackson ‘s biggest hits was ” WATERLOO “.

Photo varies from the actual painting ( definition, color , etc.)

Photography by Kim Reed .

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