Smoke House Saloon


In my early years in the North Ga. Mountains lots an lots of memorable events happened that I have never forgotten. This is one.
In the summer time each year I usually spent a couple of weeks at the small farm of my grandfather and grandmother in Banks county Georgia.
A little local friend that I played with David Adamson and I would think up things to just have fun with. This scene is a normal thing we would dream up. The story is that one particular time after watching an old time western on TV or having seen recently at a local movie theatre. We decided to re-enact the film in my grandfathers ” Smoke House ” next to his old farm. Lots of old westerns had lots of scenes taking place in the town Saloon. We thought we would decorate old glass bottles with Whiskey or Liquor labels that we cut from old magazines. Bottles were from my grandmothers collection of ” WATKINS ( home ) PRODUCTS “. ( WATKINS CO. sold all types of spices, flavoring and other things } Bottle resembled Whiskey bottles very much. So , they were perfect and looked great. Bottles were filled with tea, etc . We were always afraid my grand dad ( a southern Baptist preacher ) would catch us even thinking about hanging out in a saloon. But as we played he never noticed. THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT MEMORIES FROM MY CHILDHOOD !

Oil on Linen 16″ x 18″.
Photograph varies from the actual painting.

Photography by Kim Reed

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