Street Preacher

In our little town in the North Ga. mountains back in the 40’s, 50’s , 60’s and still occasionally now an unusual happening occurs . When I saw this on the streets I was always amazed. It was when the “Street Preachers ” did their thing downtown. Usually on Saturdays. They never gathered very many people, but they tried. Sometimes they were the only ones listening to the sermon. We might be surprised of the good they did. This scene is in front of one of our oldest banks. CORNELIA BANK. I have added a couple of particular people who probably witnessed the happening. Banker Cliff Kimsey and Cornelia’s most famous citizen …baseball great TY COBB ! Thanks for the great memory !

Ken Woodall Folk Art
Oil on linen
Photo and painting vary somewhat in color , definition, etc.

Photo by Kim Reed

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