Dam ‘ Mit

During my art career it fascinates me that I tend to go back to my memories of my grammar school in Cornelia, Ga. Recently I completed a painting called “V Day ” ( painting of vaccinations taking place at school ). While doing it another favorite memory popped up , it was the day part of our class decided to dam up the local creek by our school. The class was warned to stay away from the stream and certainly never alter its flow. Well a group of us kids decided to Dam Up The Creek. We had constructed a pretty good little area of water. Bad news was on the way when our principal caught us in the act. He decided we should all be punished and we probably deserved it. We were told that at recess we were to write a sentence several hundred times ( don’t recall the number, but it was lots ). OUR sentence was ” I WILL NOT DAM UP THE CREEK AGAIN “. I even tried doubling up and use 2 pencils ( that didn’t work ). Thanks for the good life I’ve had, And Thanks For The Memories !!!!!

Actual painting varies somewhat in color , definition, etc.

Oil on linen

Kim Reed photography
Ken Woodall Art

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