V Day

Being a ” memory painter “, I must admit at times when something happens in the past it is not always recorded in your mind as a ” good memory ” . It takes time. This painting is an example that when this happened it was not good but very , very bad. Time takes a toll and now it stands out and is now a great memory ! The painting is called “V DAY ” the day that happened a few different times in the lunch room of my grammar school career. Vaccination Day was scary. We were immunized for Diphtheria, chicken pox , etc. I can still smell the odor of rubbing alcohol , the big long shiny needles, band aids, wrapping gauze , etc. It all happened at Cornelia Grammar School in Cornelia, Ga. A small town in the foot hills of the Smoky Mountains. I think the school vaccinations probably stopped somewhere in the late 1950’s. I would be willing to bet lots of you recall this type of event. 

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