Boys Will Be Boys

In the early 1950’s , we as little boys did lots of dangerous things. This painting is “one” of them. The story goes that several of us boys were having a great day, when all of a sudden one got up on ourcar gararge and he noticed an old strong looking grape vine hanging on to a big tree near by. Quickly he started swinging off the roof down to the ground. Next another boy ( Ralph Maney } decided to try. Then another, and this left only me on the roof. I was not quiet the dare devil as the others about swinging. They agged me on with ” I double, double dare you ” and more. Finally my mind told me to go ahead and do it. There had been no trouble with the grape vine. Well, upon my first attempt, about half way down ” Crack, Break ” it was all over for me ,except hitting the ground. Finally that happened also. It did not feel good, it really hurt. The landing was so hard, I remembered all kind of stuff popping out my nose. Nothing was broken. Thank Goodness !!!!!!!!!! Don’t think I ever told mama about this !

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