Goatman at Sundown

After being in the “painting business ” since 1994, one of my favorite subjects is the renown GA GOATMAN Ches McCartney from Jeffersonville, Ga. A very unique, unique gentleman that traveled up and down the eastern seaboard back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. He , his wife, and son would gather up about 15 or so goats , hitch them to a homemade wooden wagon and begin there journey north. The goatman was a self proclaimed preacher and shared it on his trip. Traffic would back up for hours as he blocked traffic . His career ended in the 60’s ( I think ) with the advent of the interstate highways. This particular painting is a typical scene with he and his family would stop anywhere they wished and camp for the night. Lots of people were usually hanging around to get a see of the travelers. Usually the police were near by to keep order. I was told that locals would bring his family food and drink. A true piece of Americana. This setting is in the area of Cornelia , Ga. where our family lived .

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