Tim Loves Tink

MY LATEST PAINTING ( July 25, 2017 )


( under the dark of the moon )

In my little town in the North Ga. mountains, a legend was born quiet a few years ago. One particular dark of the night a couple in love showed their love for each other by decorating the old Southern Railroad underpass with some great ” graffiti “. The story goes that no one knows for sure who this couple was. On occasions over the years the city or railroad people have re painted the underpass. Once there were complaints from folks that they wanted the ” Tim Loves Tink ” to be repainted also. Time passed and either the city or railroad re painted the words. This has happened lots over the years and its always winds up having to repaint everything correctly. One of my sources ( can’t tell you who my source is) ( trying to be like the media folks ) told me that someone locally knows the girl called Tink . But apparently have not told anyone. No info on Tim ,So, the mystery goes on ! FOR A LONG TIME , I HOPE.

OIL ON LINEN 20″ x 17″
Photography by Kim Reed

—Contact Ken Woodall Art at ( mountainfolkartist.com ) ( or neon@ windstream.net) , Ken Woodall Folk Art ( Facebook ) if you are interested in the painting —

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