Mill Town Baseball

Mill Town baseball was a familiar activity down south from the early 1900’s and lasted for many years. In my particular area ( North Ga. Mountains ) there was Habersham Cotton Mill that spun cotton into thread. Long gone is the plant now ,but remnants are still alive at this time. Late last fall I was out and about and took sort of a brief ride thru the old mill town. I was on a road that I have never traveled and all of a sudden I spotted a really great, old type baseball field. My thought was that I would do a painting of this field, stands, the players and fans during the mills heyday. After some research I learned several things. When talking to the gentleman who owns
the property he told me that at one time the Mill had a player by the name of Johnny Mize. Apparently , the mill town baseball teams were so competive that the teams would sometimes bring in a good player for their team. He called the player a ” Ringer “. Other mills in the area also had teams . One close by was called the Cornelia Apple Knockers,sponsored by local apple growers. The Habersham Mill team was known at one time by.. BRAVES . Please note that the little boy in the red shirt at the center of the painting holding a baseball is me and that I am standing by hall of famer Johnny Mize.

Thanks to all the people who shared their memories of ” MILL TOWN BASEBALL “.

Photography by Kim Reed

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