Ken Woodall & Linda Anderson Art Exhibit

Ken’s works will be on display at the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art at Piedmont College from September 10th to October 1st. Everyone is welcome, and Ken is sure that you will enjoy it!

Opening Reception

: Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art
Date: September 10th
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Ken Woodall Folk Art Exhibit Soon

A REMINDER ABOUT MY UP COMING ART SHOW AT THE MASON-SCHARFENSTEN MUSEUM OF ART (Piedmont College, University in Demorest, Ga. 30535. ) Show features my long time friend artist Linda Anderson and Ken Woodall .Show dates are Sept. 10 -30. Opening reception Sept. 10 from 5 til 7 pm. All are invited. Featured is one of my favorite paintings from several years ago. ” BABY LAND GENERAL “. Lots of my other works will be there.

Upcoming Art Show

Piedmont College -University Sept. 10 thru Sept 30.
Co- artist for the show is Linda Anderson.
Come visit with us Sept. 10 for the opening.
For the next several days I will be showing a favorite painting of old and new. Almost all will be featured in the exhibit. Thanks to everyone !

A Sunday Morning Coming Down


This particular painting is not of anywhere , just small thoughts and memories of my growing up in the great Northeast Ga. Mountains. This little make believe town could also be called ” A WIDE SPOT IN THE ROAD ” . A depiction of ” going on in a small town USA “. What the locals were doing on a certain day probably was never noted by anyone. I enjoyed doing this one, hope you enjoy it !

Oil on linen
13 x 17
Facebook photo varies somewhat to the original painting. Color, definition, etc.


Having been in the “art world ” for appx. 28 years I have completed several paintings concerning ” Moon Shine Whiskey “. This is my latest called ” MOONRUNNERS “. It depicts not the actual making of the famous north Ga. Mountains famous brew, but the transportation side of the business. Whiskey stills were scattered across the north ga. Mountain side with lots of daring drivers. They were known as moonrunners. Hauling the liquid required making, shipping, storing and finally ending up in a home or place of business. My painting shows the dare devil delivering a load to a local farm where it would be distributed up and down the high ways. Trying to deter them all the way were Federal Revenuers, State and local police, and some time folks from the religious groups. But they continued to do their trade and survived ! It had to be an exciting life. And I actually knew quiet a few nice folks in the ” Moon Business ” .

Oil on linen 14″ x 20″
Photography by C. Woodall

See Less



An early Ken Woodall art painting. Up in the North Ga. mountains there once was a great bluegrass venue. It was called Chicken House Bluegrass. Head quarters for the show was located in Bobby Irvin’s old chicken house. Lots of good going on’s there. Lots of nice folks , great music and free food. I depicted my long time friend Lonnie Wiley as the star attraction for this particular night. I believe the year was around the late 1990’s. Sold painting in NYC at one of my art shows.


During this very bad situation we find ourselves in I thought we might look into , maybe, a lighter side of the problem. Everyone has their idea of what we should do ! But a few days ago , I had an entirely different approach. Most of my life I have been told that “bee ” stings can help folks with rheumatoid arthritis. Simple cure maybe , hope so. Back along time ago Hippocrates ( 460-377 BC ) wrote about bee stings helping or curing Rheumatoid Arthritis and still believed today. Soooo, I have called in one of the nations most celebrated and known physicians ” DR. BUZZ “. Dr. Buzz is now experimenting on his cure for the VIRUS. He comes with an arsonal of valuable weapons. Microscope , Fire Crackers, TNT and his own self contained fluid fighter ” Yellow Jacket ” venom “. I am giving odds that Dr. Buzz will come up with a earth shaking cure. ( God Bless us All ) & (hope this painting at least made you smile )


Many years ago when I was in the drive in theatre business I had a great memory that I really cherish. The time was when I heard one of Rock and Roll -Country Singers was performing at the Ga. State Fair in Hiawassee, Ga. The time was in the late 1970’s. I was always open for anything that I could do to help business for my theatre. I decided to travel up to the fair and see if I could meet with Conway and get him to record a few audio promotions to help welcome all of my customers to the theatre. Well , I went not knowing if he would oblige me or not. After his afternoon show the crowd had broken up and Conway was just sorta hanging out , so I approached him and discussed what I was wanting to do and hoped he would be ok with it. Well, he was, sorta acted like he was pleased. He asked me if I had a tape recorder and my answer was yes ! The recordings sounded great. He did one welcoming the night customers, another was for the ending of the movie where he thanked everyone for coming to the drive in and be sure to replace the speaker back on the post before leaving. Then he would say- ” here is my latest record “. I would dub his latest record on the tape. I used his recording for many, many years. And by the way I still have a copy of the tape. THANKS CONWAY TWITTY ( nice man }.

Oil on linen size 16″ x 25 ” Actual painting color , definition , etc. will vary some from this photo

Photography by Kim Reed

Upcoming Art Show

Ken Woodall and Georgia Author Joe Cobb Crawford will be at the 45th Annual Unicoi State Lodge Fireside Art Show in Helen, GA

Date: February 15th and 16th, 2020
Time: 10am – 6pm
Location: 1788 Highway 356 Helen, GA 30545
Admission: FREE!!!

Ole Swayback ( the Mule ), Grandpa, and Jr.


The legend of “Ole Swayback ” is known far and near. Ole Swayback was a worker , but his physical situation was nothing to rave about. Sad situation when an animal , person ,or anything tries to go thru life
with almost unbearable odds against them. But once again, Ole Swayback was a worker and survived ! Moral is “never give up”.

Oil on Linen
Size 8 1/2 x 8 1/2

Photography by KW

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